Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I use these coupons? Over 90% of all major grocery chains and over 95% of all grocery stores have an official policy to accept printable coupons as long as the barcodes scan properly. Other coupons may be retailer specific and only redeemable at a specific retailer or location.

What do I need in order to print a coupon? All you need is a printer. Our coupon printer technology will send your coupons to be printed to your system’s default printer. You will need permissions on your computer to install the coupon printer application. Some work environments or shared computing environments may not allow you to install software such as the coupon printer.

Why do I need to install the coupon printer? The Coupon Printer is a small, safe browser add-on that was created for one purpose: to enable your computer to build and print coupons upon request that conform to manufacturer and retailer requirements for redemption.

You can verify that our software is safe and has been approved by TRUSTe, the leading online safety and privacy advocacy group, by visiting’s Whitelist of Certified Applications.